Embedded Electricity

Embedded Network Operator aims to gives both you and your tenant’s value and benefits. It allows you, as a landlord/OC’s, to on-sell energy provided by iGENO onto your tenants at a cost competitive rate. 


For the OC, purchasing energy in bulk to on-sell not only offers cost competitive rates for your tenants, but also offers the opportunity for savings in common area utility charges. 


iGENO aims to simplify the entire process with an easy to understand contractual arrangement  with a reliable and proven billing  system. Better managing energy costs for your tenants can result in a reduction in utility costs, and may help you to foster a stronger tenant relationship. 


We aim to make the creation and operation of the embedded network as simple as possible by taking care of the whole end-to-end process. After assessing the site and discussing all your needs, we will provide expert guidance to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled. We are able to supply electricity temporarily during the construction period and then change this to the final, permanent embedded network solution once the setup or conversion is completed. A key feature of our offer is access to 24/7, multilingual customer service.