Green Energy

Green Energy, you’re actively supporting the renewable energy industry.

What is Green Energy? 

Green energy is Australia’s government managed accreditation program helping the nation transition to renewable energy above and beyond legislated targets. Green energy accredited renewable energy is electricity which produces no net greenhouse gas emissions.



Currently, most electricity comes from generators that burn coal. Only a small percentage comes from renewable sources such as the sun, wind, water and biomass waste.



As part of the Green Energy program, the Green Energy authority audits suppliers and accredits generators to ensure the renewable electricity you buy through iGENO meets strict environmental standards.

Power to you

When you have Green Energy, you’re supporting the production of electricity from government accredited renewable sources (such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass) over and above mandatory targets.


This clean energy does not feed directly into your power supply, but is added to the electricity grid on your behalf. You will continue to receive your electricity supply from the grid which is made up of a mix of generation sources.

Everything else stays the same

Your electricity supply does not change when you switch to green energy – you still get the same reliability of supply with the added assurance that you are doing your bit to reduce the impact of electricity generation on our environment.