Why Embedded Network

Embedded Networks have been in existence for many years and are now common place in shopping centres, commercial buildings, residential apartments and retirement villages. Essentially, energy services such as electricity and hot water are sourced by the Embedded Network Operator (ENO) in bulk at the building point of entry then these services are on sold to building occupants. Buying these services in bulk offers the prospect of cost competitive energy charges to the building occupants. From the local distribution network, the whole site is monitored by a gate meter and uses just one connection. Normally, the distributor will operate the network but now an embedded network is owned and operated entirely by the embedded network operator. In the modern developments, embedded networks are common. The end result of bulk buying and supplying through an embedded network is lower costs. As we will show, it isn’t just the building owners that benefit, the residents or tenants also have increased benefits at better rates. An iGENO Embedded Network Solution aims to simplify the energy supply process for all involved, whether you’re a developer, an owner’s corporation or a tenant.

A key benefit of choosing iGENO for embedded network services is that iGENO a professional service with extensive industry knowledge and expertise. iGENO are part of TPC Consolidated, a group of companies listed on the ASX listed, With iGENO, you will be looked after by a dedicated team with a wealth of experience with electricity retailers.
Part of our group is CovaU Energy, CovaU is an authorised Australian energy retailer what this means for you is that we are licensed to look after the delivery of electricity and gas to households and businesses in Australia. After an initial assessment, iGENO will discuss your options before seeing them through and having the system installed in the building.
Even after this, they will be on your side for support and maintenance over time. If you have any problems or even questions, we will always answer your call and you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re talking to experts.

Regardless of your property type, iGENO will work with you to find the most efficient solution so you can enjoy the many benefits we have discussed previously. Not only will you receive an embedded network that is managed properly, you will also benefit from the most up-to-date technology in the industry. What’s more, we realise that trust is important so you should know that we follow AEMC (Australia Energy Market Commission) rules and adhere to the guidelines laid out by AER (Australia Energy Regulator).