Owner Corporations

We deliver value, and take care of both you and your tenants energy needs


Great rates, 24/7 customer service, and value added services

Property Developer

Hassle free, on time & cost effective solutions


iGENO Embedded Networks Operator aims to benefit all through the entire value chain including owners, developers and tenants. Whether it is through tariff optimisation, customer advantage or our customer portal, we aim to deliver ongoing benefits and value. Using the latest technology in our metering and billing systems along with our 24/7 customer service centre enables streamlined operations and enhanced customer service.


While energy and utility costs continue to rise*, the demand for a customer centric, service oriented energy supplier increase. iGENO aims to meet these needs. 


We are a professional developer and manager of Embedded Networks in multi-tenant facilities.

Embedded Electricity

Embedded network operator gives both you and your tenants a double edged benefit.

Centralised Hot Water

It's one of the bare essentials, something that we can't live without, and neither can your tenant.


Gas is often boasted as better than electric solutions and provides more efficient heating.


Solar is often boasted as better than electric solutions and provides more efficient heating.


There are many reasons to choose iGENO for your collective utility needs, such as…


We don’t put any gimmicks in front of our deals, and we have no axe to grind, giving you nothing but no nonsense, straight talking business that’s as beneficial as it is transparent. All of our pricing structures match this dedication as well.


There are a wide range of options for payment, and some great discounts for automatic direct debit payments. But it’s entirely up to you how you pay for your service.

Amazing Advice

Our dedicated team of professionals and passion for our jobs has specialised us in giving advice to our clients and advising them on how to get the very best deal for the job they need doing, no matter how big or small. We’ll even provide great tips for operational, financial and licensing issues.

Personal Approach

We’re not just your remote assistance on the end of the phone. We are always willing to personally meet our clients to answer any questions you may have about our service.