Property Developers

For Property Developers

There are a multitude of benefits to choosing to integrate an embedded network within a new building.

Arrange and manage the supply and installation all energy meters using industry accredited metering solutions. Work with the Developer project manager to ensure seamless metering installations, including providing all compliance and inspection paperwork.

In the case of hot water, there is a powerful opportunity to help to reduce of your capital outlay simply by assigning the ownership rights for the Bulk Hot Water to iGENO.

Prepare and submit all regulatory and licencing applications necessary for initiation and approval of the new embedded network. Arrange for temporary building supplies (if needed), and manage all site connections once the building is completed.

Delivering an EEN during construction will also avoid delays waiting for each individual meter to be connected and will minimize holdups in testing of equipment and obtaining Certificates of Occupancy.

Commercial Centres

Subject to inspection and analysis, it is possible in many cases to retrofit an Embedded Network to existing multi-tenant properties. To begin the process, iGENO will complete a no obligation site evaluation to determine the viability of an EN retrofit. This will take into account existing supply arrangements and potential cost benefits to tenants and owners, along with costs associated with ongoing management such as metering, billing and collections. The intent of any EN is to share any benefits across the value chain, including the OC and tenants, which encourages business owners to retain their leases and hopefully stay longer through increased profits and reduced costs. 


Commercial Centres could also benefit from our range of value added products and services such as solar PV..


For retirement complexes, managing the cost of utilities for occupants is very important. iGENO aims to simplify processes such as connection and payments as these can at times be seen as complex and cumbersome to the occupants..

An embedded electricity network is best set up during the development phase, however, and subject to a site review and analysis of costs, it may be possible to retrofit the EN at a later date. iGENO can manage the end to end process from installation through to billing and collection. The facility owner could benefit from a number of sources including tailored tariffs for common areas through to value added services such as solar.

Partnering with iGENO could reduce the capital outlay when it comes to your centralised hot water system. When supplied by a centralised plant, the developer can assign the ownership rights for the network to iGENO, and we’ll handle the initial cost outlay for the boiler, its installation through to supply and installation of tenant water meters. This reduces the capital outlay for the building.